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jeff & martha Dingus

Nutrition Specialist; Communications Director

Jeff and Martha became full-time missionaries to BGM in November of 1988. They had been familiar with the ministry since Martha’s parents, Roy and Evelyn Thomas, had been there since 1984. Jeff’s favorite Bible passage is Psalm 40 and Martha’s favorite verse has always been Romans 8:28 as she has seen the Lord lead in many ways, even when she didn’t understand it, which taught her to trust in His sovereignty and plan.

Jeff’s favorite foods are Little Panda hot and sour soup, Khao Poon, ribs, and salad, while Martha’s are pizza, fried chicken, anything Mexican, and pie!

When not working around camp, Jeff likes to read, do Maker projects, and dream. Martha LOVES to travel and is willing to take a road trip any time! Speaking of traveling, Jeff would love to vacation at any national forest—maybe even Yellowstone National Park, which is where Martha would like to go back to!

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