So You Want To Be A 
Camp Counselor?

There's nothing like being a camp counselor! It's your opportunity to make an eternal impact on the lives of others, to use your summer to serve others, and to building lasting relationships. Being a camp counselor is a purpose-driven, meaningful, and exciting opportunity!

Ready for an adventure?

As a camp counselor, every day is an adventure! From waking the campers up in the morning to tucking them in at night (and maybe even during the night!), there's a new adventure waiting around every corner! Being able to take advantage of each adventure that you and your campers face is an incredible opportunity to have lives impacted for eternity!


Make a Difference!

Being a camp counselor is a personal experience. Being with your campers and getting to know them provides the opportunity to build meaningful and lasting relationships. You will become a trusted sibling, a mentor, and a guide to your campers and will make a lasting impression!


Be Part of a Team

Being a camp counselor opens the door to build relationships with others who are in the grind with you! You will make friends with fellow staff and you will come together to make the absolute most of everyone's summer. You will learn how to work together as a team relying on one another as you experience the highs and lows throughout the camp season.  By being part of this team, it will truly feel like family as we all serve one another and are there for each other.

Ready to get started?